The Yellow Barley Field

The yellow barley field looks like a planet
halfway between Earth and Mars. And, I don’t want
to mention the birds again, appearing
from other lives, but look, how can I not?
…they speak for the dead tree in the middle ground,
one hundred feet up. It appears to be a lander,
likely from Earth, or a canopy of open arms,
or vein-engulfing eye; here, I admit,
I’ve been photographing it for years,
and it’s changed every time. And, though it’s dried-out,
it draws me, as if I were river. I’ve considered going,
but its distance deceives; even the sun tangles in and out
of its branches. One can’t get close enough;
or, too near. I must remind myself, how close the planet veered
into mine, last time, how alive the branches seemed
that sometimes I felt the birds had planted,
and carried me, within.

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