Caveman at Starbucks

The music plays the jazz of a traffic jam.
The coffee can’t be as hot as the street’s.
The new job will do its job on life.
How unStarbucks-like to admit
I saw beauty, then love and chose them.
Anyhow, near death experiences are always
stories coming back to life.
Grow up. Stay in line.
Explore the depths of the Business Section.
Be the bear who dozes in winter
because of untidy nightmares
and hardened gardens.
Drink Venti Latte Macchiatos. Many.
Picture your hands as sticks of heat,
the constant sting of the hive
at the centre of the bursting centre,
and the bird you’ve cupped in your hands.
Use anything but these hands to cover your eyes.
Do not see her face on your fingers.
Do not see her wings in the flames.
They’re cave paintings, you’re inside.
Don’t listen to what the light says,
drink the shadows. Pray for rain,
not cups of fire.

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