Marigolds, marigolds, I’ve never seen
A scent float feeling, and when deciphered
Become to mean
Flowers we became. Before we severed
Your me from my you, alone we gathered,

Just us. Thus, marigolds, why do you bead
Colours of the wasteland apprehending
Love? Can’t you see?
Eyes tend to skim the light and lend
Distant selves to suns, constant rotations.

But all you seem to do is wear your cold
Vestments unsoiled in your halo blight,
Night is your throat,
Yet, beauty’s ruse, you say, to see without sight
This airless shimmer and sail out of light.

This is why you border luminescence
And pass through provinces of affection.
Innocence is
Joy, I believe, and your resurrection,
The spinning, unjoined spokes of perfection,

Ravens between your stems, each like the other,
Unblinking, another and another. We hover
Nowhere at all
We want to give in to light that unfolds.
Rust intervenes, but we, we’re marigolds.

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